Screetching while driving, Wheel shaking when braking. on 2008 Honda Civic

For awhile my cars steering wheel has been shaking when the breaks are applied (no matter how light). Lately, it has been making an annoying screeching noise, usually when i first start to drive it. This only occurs while driving and never while breaking. While someone else was driving it slowly I went beside to see if I could tell whether it was the wheels or not, it does appear to be coming from the wheels. Whats going on ?

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The screeching noise sounds like the wear tab on the brakes is making noise. The steering wheel shaking when braking is usually from warped rotors. Have the brakes checked to see how worn they are. If the rotors are warped you will need to have them resurfaced or replaced to stop the steering wheel vibration. If the screech noise is from the brakes keep in mind that it could be coming from the front or rear if you have four wheel disc brakes. I recommend using genuine Honda parts when needed.