screeching Loud Noise on 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Hi: I recently had Freon added to my Montero Sport 36,600 Miles, I drove it for 2 days and all seemed fine. At the 3rd day I heard a screeching noise when I was making a slow turn and Yesterday it happened again twice after stopping at red lights, it never happened when the care is running. What could it be, Transmission oil would be great, but I am not that lucky, Please give some suggestions. Thank you Kaibil

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I would check your drive belts at front of engine for problems. Possibly the power steering belt or tensioner or idler.
Thank you for your answers, I took the Montero to Tire Plus, they change the oil and called to tell me that the 2 belts are cracking and the other one is dry, the price they gave me was $131.00 , I asked them that since I did not have the money for the 3, could they replace the one making the noise, they said they did not which one was making the noise. Which is the Belts with the issue?
How much should I pay to get it change?
Thank you
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Since you add freon i would check the A/C belt first. The compressor is going on and off. But check all the belts.
Since the two are cracked and one is dry I recommend all three especially if all the same age. Sometimes the labor can be a pain to remove and replace three belts. The belts can be different prices sometimes depending on the manufacturer and if is a first or second grade belt. The a/c compressor cycling on and off is what really puts stress on that belt but as I said if all the same age, bite the bullet and change all 3 and get different estimates if want.