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A low speed front end crash with driver airbag deployment took out most plastic, sheet metal, right side light, radiator and fan. However, engine, frame, steering all look ok and repairs were all bolt on with no prob...
What are the symptoms of the trans mount when it needs replacing? Symptoms for A/C Compressor needing replacement?
I'm wondering if these issues are common? I really don't want to invest anymore money into this car. These seem like extreme and costly repairs for a Toyota product. I only have 141000 miles and am caught up on all my...
The check engine light started flashing. It now stays on all the time, even when the engine is running smooth again.
When changing the sensor, do I need to reprogram the computer? I changed the sensor, and the car starts but doesn't stay on, it only stays on if I hit the gas.
Brakes catch and stop but continue slowly to the floor,if I would be too long at a light I felt I would begin to move. Don't seem to pump up easily either. What is wrong.
How do I replace the plugs and what size of tool do I need?
transmission out @45000 mi snow condition when last driven, what could be cause
Vehicle was not stuck in snow . rpm did not red zone. no indication of any performance issue. vehicle was moving through snow, stopped for an errand,started car/wouldn't go in any gear.45,000 mi warranty in effect, ...
it turns on after every three thousand miles...