2000 Mazda 626 Q&A

2000 Mazda 626 Question: scan tool

Can anyone recommend a low-cost scan tool that will have a readiness monitor for state emissions and do live data scan and do abs and airbag. -
Answer 1
That kind of tool usually starts around $500.00 and goes up. Oh and by the way a big thank you would be in order from your last issue. -
Comment 1
thank you but i found the problem my self i flush the block an radiator when i tried to fill it back up i tried to fill it by the upper radiator house an it would not go down that is when i new the radiator was blocked up. -
Comment 2
And if you wouldn't have argued the point I told you what it was before you finally found. Point being I told you your problem so you proved I was right. Good luck. -
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