Saving your Transmission ,check your Coil Pack soon as it starts misfiring.... on Ford Freestar

Average mileage: 84,685 (38,000–110,108)
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
7 people reported this problem
6 people shared problem details
Most of the PCM problems are from the Coil Pack getting wet causing the coil pack to crack in a few places,that lets your power sparks escape out the walls of the will cause Transmission to go ..I have been there already...Going get another coil pack check this problem yourself..remove coil pack ..if it,s dark brown it,s bad...but if you can see inside the works inside it,s good...Good Luck ...I like the Van also...
2007 Ford Freestar98,000
Spit and sputtered when it rained untill it dried out. Chalked around pcm. Works great
2006 Ford Freestar38,000
When it rains the van is terrible.It shakes and sputters. You can tell the engine is misfiring. Going to buy a coil pack.
2005 Ford Freestar110,108
Whenever it rains or there is high moisture in the air the van sputters has a hard time driving. It feels like it is misfiring severely.
2005 Ford Freestar90,000
install a new coil pack
Same problem the coil pack and the misfire happens when it get hot. Is that the coil pack. I was told it was
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