Saturn Sky Red Line Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Saturn Sky Red Line

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

The fuel injection system for the 2.0L turbo engine places fuel directly into the combustion chambers. This is called "direct injection". Due to the high fuel pressure associated with this type of system a noticeable clicking noise can be heard from the fuel injectors.Care must be taken when opening and closing the manual convertible top. The top is prone to damage from improper use.

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I guess broken exterior door handles are a known issue for this particular vehicle. The driver side interior door handle doesn't operate the door latch, I'm assuming the cable assembly is broken or one of the cable ends has broken? Doors can still be opened so I know the latches are funct...

Its a 2008 sky redline it has 25000 km on it

I am trying to replace the water pump on my 2008 saturn sky redline. I know I need a water pump socket to replace it, but is there any other tool I need to complete the job? Like any kind of bracket to hold the timing chain in the correct position or anything??

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I have had my Sky Red-Line for almost a year. When I bought it I had no idea that GM was going to drop this line. Everyone I know that have Saturn products are quite satisfied with them. I find driving my Sky is a new experience of what an auto can do from taking a curve to having a great pick-up and yet get 40 mpg on the road. I also feel the price of this car will become very valuable in t...

Owning my 2007 Sky Redline for 4.5 years and putting 36.000 of the 53,000 currently on the odometer I have little to complain about. Excellent power and handling coupled with low maintenance (replaced high pressure fuel pump and just put on a new set of tires). The interior could have used nicer finishes (hence the 4 star rating) but they are holding up and the brakes could be a bit larger, I ...

I noticed my 07 red line upon cranking it at times will putter, sometimes taking several turns to start. Also it was running and began to skip terribly, would that be fuel injection? gas? tune up or what

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