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My mechanic of many years said that it was a complicated work to be done,that it would take about 5 hours to complete and that it will cost me around $500-$600, is that right?
My blower fan doesn't move much air even on the high setting. The fan changes speed, but moves little air. The air that comes out is cold when A/c is on and warm when heat is on and it will come out of the different v...
I have never seen oil on the driveway where I park, wouldn't I see some. Also is this a fair price. Thank you
Driving in snow and wheels spining. Now have Check Engine light on, ABS light on and getting error codes C1227 and C1228. This happened last winter too. Was told there is nothing wrong with ABS or Stabilitrak. The cod...
i think i found the filler cap on top of transmission
I just purchased a used Saturn Vue XR and the Power Steering pump was replaced when the power steering failed at low speeds. This seemed to resolve the issue for about an hour. When braking, or starting from a stop th...