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Car not blowing hot air. Tstat has been changed still no heat. Help!!
The traction warning lights stay on all the time
rack has no leaks and steering was fine prior to pump going out
A mechanic said the engine seals might be bad and showed me - I noticed the oil pan? could this be the problem?
the light went out when cleared but engine is warm if it comes on again will it be safe to drive Christmas is here can't get it fixed now Thank You
The car ran very sluggish and could not get any traction from front driver side wheel which started smoking. this happened every 50 or 60 miles then stopped and started this again.
Hard to start, just had transmission flushed and oil changed less than a week ago. 90500 miles, 2nd owner. Evac code comes up
Is customer satisfaction a component of the "score"? For example a randomly picked "Top Shop" had earned 28 posted customer comments. On a scale of 1-5, the average comment is just under 4 or 78%. I know ther...
the car has 54 thousand miles, second owner and never has had good gas milage
Is there more I can do, and if not is the car safe to drive
Replaced injector Replaced Upper intake gaskets on both sides Replaced Coil pack, its a single piece unit Switched spark plug to a different hole Switched wires on that cylinder, code did not follow Vue only thro...
Can i plug out the differential lock bcm/ecu of my saturn veu 2008? Cause the differential clutch is not good