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ademas se siente como si estuviera activado el overdrive.
i smell gas every time i stop my saturn vue i checked under and discovered gas leak coming from top
Left front brake is not releasing. The system is not allowing pressure to caliper to release. Lines and caliper are ok.
This has happened three times, I have been braking and slowly turning into a parking space and out of the blue the engine races pretty badly. I really have to step on the brake with force, I put the car in park and i...
The car didn't shut off but when I tried to park it it was very hard to turn the steering wheel.I have had issues before this with my battery going dead.
this last weekend I changed my left front wheel bearing assembly. today I was driving down the highway and went to turn on my heated seat. when I did that the batter light flashed on. I quickly turned off the heater, ...
u can feel the car lunge with brake applied coming to a stop, sometimes when u start to take off it feels like the brakes are applied when there not when this happens the front end will shake and shimmy as it dose whe...
The arm from the driver's side wiper, that controls both wipers, has come loose from the passenger side wiper.
it was damaged in a crash all on right passenger side
my saturn vue 2007 4 clyc runs so slow is that normal?
the old nuetral safety was smashed in a wreak. the car will not cranked