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My car was driving fine. I got a tune up and oil change. I had to do a three hour drive, an hour and a half into it, my car is smoking and has a clanking noise.
while driving home was shifting gears the clip broke of that holds the gear shift to linkage. was able to rig it to get home. Cant find out any info on why it broke. Only have 1st, 3rd and 5 th gear. Need help to find...
It will when car is off but if I turn it on it will not shift? How do I fix this?
my son had this car that we recently got back when he decided to buy a newer car. When he was driving it would go into low power mode and die. Then after it sat for awhile it would restart and drive fine. I recentl...
How do I remove the trim to gain access to water hose for rear window washer
Last year at inspection smoke test done b/c check engine light on - did not reveal anything. Originally started when gas cap was left off by attendant at station & not noticed for 30 miles. Replaced cap many times & r...
I'd like to change the clutch slave cylinder myself instead of going to a dealer. Do I need special tools? Can I just unbolt the transmission cover and remove and replace clutch? Or do I have to remove front wheel also?
I recently got an oil change and they said I had an oil leak from my cam seal. I want to do it myself. Will I have problems with putting the timing belt back on if I don't have the timing belt tool for this vehicle?...
clutch broke in half, not sure how expensive the repair is going to be. It happened while on vacation so we aren't at home. Any suggestions.
How do I replace it
liftgate won't unlock. there is no key entry. what do I do