1995 Saturn SL1 Questions

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While doing some maintenance, I noticed that the top front engine mount is almost a goner. Only 1 of the 3 bolts remain, the other two have sheared off at the block. Does anyone know what size and type of bolts these are?

i was gona change the transaxle, I was told that it had a seperate computer that ran only that. The computer given with the transaxle is not the same as in my car. does that mean that the transaxle also is probably not the correct one?

I recently had the timing chain replaced which reduced rattling, but I'm still having issues with the car dying when I stop at stop signs. If I put the car in neutral or park, it idles higher and doesn't die as quick. If I put it in reverse or drive, I must rev the engine to go or it dies quickly and I have to restart car. I just put some gumout in it and now it's knocking and shaking like crazy in addition to my other problem. Any ideas?

How can the alternator be taken out and a new one put in on a Saturn. Is it from the top of the engine or under the car. What tools and size of tools are need it? Any tips?

When I place my car in reverse, it seems to take awhile to get into gear. Sometimes you have to give it gas, while you foot is on the brake, to make the car move. Thank you.

Hello I was driving my car and the battery light came on. I heard some strange noise. The instrument pannel needles began to act funny. Then the next day the car would not start. I used a friend vehicle to jump start the car. The car started but as soon as the jumper cables were disconnected the car engine died. I then plugged the jumper cables againt and the car restarted and again disconnected the jumper cables and again the engine died again. Can you tell what what is the problem? Thanks.