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My compass shows voltage. The car starts, then the voltage goes to 7vdc then to 0vdc and dies. The car runs good, the engine starts right away but dies in a few seconds. I wonder if it is the computer or the security ...
and the brakes a hard to push to stop is it all conected
A couple of days ago my sisters got in the back seat of my car through the passenger side and since then the seat continuously moves back and forth and won't recline forward or backward at all.
When I have gone about 100 miles on the highway the trans will kick out of gear and the engine will rev up. But I've found if I slam on my brakes it will reingage and I can go a while longer before it does it again. I...
My security light is tuck on the on position and the car will not start. It goes to start but its almost like the fuel isn't getting to the engine. I read in the manual that the security light being on could stop it...
Past 2 compression so I have been told that it could be the valve seals
one cylinder has low compression want to know what it will cost me to fix