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I have replaced the timing chain, guides sprockets, and tensioner. Also changed out and replaced hydraulic lifters. Put engine back together and the same problem exists. Thinking maybe it could be oil pressure? Not ge...
My wiper motor on a 2002 Saturn SC2 went out and the suggested replacement motor doesn't seem to fit. Did Saturn make some cars in 2002 that still used the wiper motor made for earlier models?
whine stays with engine rpms even in park .poss transinputshaft or timeing chain ?
this is my daughters car. When she starts the car the all the lights on the instrument cluster come on and stay on. The car runs fine otherwise. Any advice would be really appreciated.
It sounds like the rear end has fell out. It's not slipping it just kicks real hard.
is this a shorted transaxle actuator, can I replace it?
it usually does it in the morning , it will blink twice then go off. in a few minutes it does it again, just started this
2 weeks ago my car started having problems starting, all lights and radio work, no click, no noise... just wont fire. It always fires in the morning, as a delivery driver, will not start after running. Its a manual an...
whe i turn it to lock you hav to shake it to turn it back on
Have a 2002 saturn sc2 needs a new engine, can I put a 1.9L SOHC in it instead of a DOHC?
I'll be going from zero to 40 mph and it sometimes gets stuck between 3-4 rpm and the only way to get it off it is to get off the gas completely and have the car slow down it does this quit often. The other day I trie...
I have 2002 Saturn SC2 automatic losing power and shutting off when I try to drive it. I recently replaced the PCM because I was told that it was bad. However, the problem still exist. Can someone help me!!
The transmission seems to move out of alignment , shifting into first from nuetral becomes third second , 4th. Is there a history of problems with these cars? The trany works perfect when you first start out but at st...