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Have you ever seen a PCM damaged by ABS or other solenoid in the car. I have a 93 saturn SC2 that blows the 5 volt fuse on PCM B location. Computer won't give any check engine lights assumption is (dead PCM). The ABS ...
car has been parked for 3 years new battery and gas put in and wont start
i have a 93 sc2 saturn that has a blown engine and was wanting to know if any other engine besides saturn would work to swap with it is L4 1.9L mf/dohc
What kind of automatic transmission fluid should I put into mu car?
i have loose/improper exhaust system mountings and an exhaust system leak. how much to repair or replace?
I switched up recently and topped off my SC2 with mid grade gas...and since then all heck has broken loose :( This is more of a project car, but has always been a decent running car. But after topping off the tank wi...
My car won't start (more often than not lately) -- someone said that if I put the brake in while turning the key and moving the gear shift back and forth that it will start... this worked in the beginning but not very...