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Spark plugs labor to replace
How do you reset the oil change system?
The mechanic didn't reset the oil change button afterwards. Now the "service engine soon" light is on and the seat belt icon is on. No gauges at all work.
if its not the fuel line, then where else would fuel be leaking from top of tank, when the car is running that is the only time fuel leaks out
I know this is an expensive repair, right now I don't have the funds. I was quoted $2000-$2500. In your opinion is it worth having the repair? It has 72,000 mi., good condition. I'm trying to avoid having a car payme...
the gas cap was checked did not help. just happened today for the first time. 3 hrs from home
To repleace the power steering pump do i have to remove the timing belt? if yes how can assure the timing belt won't move, If moves how can i put the timeing belt in hes place?
I could tell (automatic) transmission struggled to go from first to second. Took it to Midas for diagnostic - when they reopen on Thursday 12/26.
It blows when I turn the wheel then stops and when over 50mph.
Had issues fuel gage and power locks before this problem.
I can't figure how to tke cover off.
has fuel spark good plugs compression anybody else have this problem need help
i replaced the the fuel filter. car started. then in acouple of days it started acting like it did before i replaced it i give it an half hr them it starts right up so right now i dont know if i need a fuel pump or pu...
when you first start the car for the day temp gauge does not work warm up for 5 min turn car off then back on it works ,turn off for aprox 30 min turn car back on does not work turn car off them back on it works, allr...