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Had front Struts changed cost me around 550.00.
It is a 1997 Saturn SL2. It lurched to a stop when put in reverse and there is no turnover when trying to start it. Up til then, it was running fine. No one we have talked to has heard of this problem. Any suggestion...
I couldn't do anything but pull to the side of the road. what should I do?
my foot is on the brake at a red light car shuts off and restarts right up again changed the fuel filter and fuel pump but is still doing it at times
I had a strap on engine until i could change a motor mount out. but it broke and the speedomiter stopped working at same time. where is this grounding strap?
The oil pan has a hole in it form running over a shovel, all of the oil leaked out.
car dies when i stop, then will only crank over like its out of gas, let car sit for half hour and it will start, i can hear fuel pump kick on when ignition is on.happens twice a week. car has 63,000 mi and is immacul...
I can't find on the website how to type in a service that is not automatically listed. I am looking for an estimate on the timing belt replacement plus all 3 pullies.
Where can i find "mass or volume air flow circuit" and "camshaft position sensor circuit"? both saying low input.
I was driving my car tonight with the heater running when all of a sudden the oil and battery lights both clicked on and instantly the car lost power. The heater also began to squeal loudly. Is it the heater that is c...