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Had work done to Saturn by "accredited garage" just suspension work, oil change , brakes minor repairs. Car did well, drove 100 to 130 miles stopped for gas , started car and no power steering. Checked under hood and ...
Hello :o) I brought my car to what turned out to be something like an automobile butcher stop. They fixed the heater core BUT killed the battery, broke the blower fans, and WORST of all they did something whereby AL...
Car won't shift and is leaking transmission fluid everywhere on ground
a tire tread was run over on hi way ,might have hit A/C line
my car has stopped 3 different times and restarted without knowing why
2003 Saturn L200 wiht security issues so I had a local alarm shop bypass the passlock and send the code too the BCM. It seemed to work great at first but we are stranded again... This vehicle keeps going into the le...
Consumer Reports rates 2005 Saturn Vue electical as "fair' ?
Also, at times the fuel pump light is displayed, and the fuel hand won't move, unless i restart the car.
the Drl lights flash all the time when the bright lights are on