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the brake lights are working the blinkers also work I.D.k.
The service engine light came on along with the air bag light also my power door locks won't work and the dome light won't come on when the door is opened?
I have been smelling a fuel odor for a while now (months) but there has never been any indicator lights that come on, I know it is coming from the fuel tank area, I just went to get my oil changed today and they had m...
Having problem where the security light flashes then headlights flash. Accompanied by the fuel and gemp gauges going wacky. This is random.
doesn't seem to make the noise at idle or slower speeds. seems to shift okay with the exception of maybe 3rd into 4th which is debateable. where should i start?
Anyone have the slightest idea where to find it on a Saturn l200??? I cant, for the life of me, find the dang thing!!!!!
I drive less than 7 miles a day and after that little amt of driving coolants gone. no coolant leaking on the ground. found what looks to be wetness all around the engine block and underneath one of the hoses is a lot...
i got my car 3 mouthes a go was look over and check out fine now when pressing on the brakes i have to push all the way to the floor and everything under the hood checks out is this common with satterns or my m...
For about the last month I have to add about 4-5 0z. of fluid every week,depending on how much I drive. When system makes groaning noises and I check it and it`s low with moderate air bubbles. I re-fill it to the prop...
when I pull arm forward to engage washer it does not always work. I have replaced the washer pump, no help. Need to know if switch is in steering column or on liquid container. Thanks rsdmitch7
Do I replace the O-ring or do I replace the whole fuel pump and assembly? Does my fuel tank get pressurized by the fuel pump?
have to replace the pump but cant get the pressure line off