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When starting the car I can hear it. It accelerates when stepping on the gas.
fan was working till other work done for windshield wiper replacement of motor
what would be a fair price for replacing spark plugs
windshied wiper not working only one speed I was told need motor-module replacement
wiper only one speed no intermittent or slow
garage said no electric involved now wipers only work on one speed the transmission arm was first problem
MyIon shakes in front end, left, frnt tire, wobbles,& feels like its falling off, when I go 50-55MPH.It pulls too, & if I turn slightly opposite way,it calms abit, but is still progressively worsening.Plus, I went thr...
i don t see a bleeder. there is a nub with a cap. looks like something hooks to it maybe ?
The coolant light was coming on and the dealer said the water pump needed to be replaced. I think the quote is way too high.
The car front end rattles when hiting bumps and turning the wheel. the only play is in the steering rack bushings.
i replaced filter and drained gas out of tank, fuil pump was homming when i took off gas tank,and when i put it back it does not hum now. and wont start car.