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i have replaced the battery, the stater, and got the alternater check and it came back fine but my car still wont start. I dont know what else to do... Help!!!!
My daughter Saturn ion timing went out the car turns over but does not fire
I have 2003 Saturn Ion. airbag light stays on. dealership says module needs replaced and gonna cost me $1000 to have them fix it. Gonna do it myself. Where is module located and how do I reset airbag light on cluster?...
My M75 has burned up and I can't find another one. I can find the M43. what do I need to do to use the M43 in place of the M75?
I just contacted a Saturn dealership in Houston, TX and I was informed that the recall for for the exterior left signal light will not cover the BCM circuit board which would cost approximately $700 to repair.
I have a 2003 saturn ion 2.2 auto tran. RECENTLY CAR HAS LOST ITS PEP WHEN GOING UP HILL OR INCLINE. runs strong down hill but slows to crawl going up. Feels like pulling a parachute. Changed plugs did not help. Not i...
The part that holds the wipers on has cracked. The part is under the cover of the actual wipers and I'm told it's going to cost as high as $386.00 Is this so?