saturn 2001 sw1 car jerks when shifting into gears, on 2001 Saturn SW2

shifts hard when stopping and starting. good when driving long distance

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poss hyd or cable adj issue. i belive its a cable but they break at the ends could need cable assm
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Not quite sure of you description...possibly worn engine mounts? If you put it in low gear and get up to about 20MPH and then tap on and off the throttle , do you get that same 'hard shift' feel?
I've had this happen, if the idle is correct and if the shit from 1-2 or 2-3 is hard then the trans shift solenoid is sticking and will probably need replacing for around $250. The bad motor mount will also transfer all of the engine vibration/shock to the body and is easily checked with a screwdriver or small prybar, try to move the engine side of the mount from front to back while watching the rubber mount material. It should be solid and not separate. A mount is under $30 and can be replaced by the average person with caution. Good luck!
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