satring coil is changed of my car. do i need to change the starting starter too? on 2004 Hyundai Sonata

starting coil is changed. car is not starting. Some error is shown on they r saying chage the starter isf still dosent satrt hage electronic system of car. is it correct?

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my car had cold starting problem. rite now it is in service centre. they first sain u need to change staring coil. after the change car is not starting. some code error is shown in the meter. now they are saying you need to chage starter if it does not work u need to chage some electronic system as well. my question is
1. why car is starting as it was starting earlier after trying for 10 min?
2. after coil chage do i need to chage all the car starting system?
I guess the starting coil means ignition coil? If the starter is turning the engine, then the starter is fine, The starter only spins the engine so it can start. I think you need to take it somewhere that knows what they're doing. No don't change every thing, find someone who can diagnose and fix the problem, instead of trial and error.
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