2001 Chevrolet Venture Q&A

2001 Chevrolet Venture Question: Same trouble lower intake manifold

At 80,000 miles two years ago I had the lower & upper intake manifold gasket replaced now at 100,000 They are leaking real bad The repairs was done at a Chevolet dealaship. They told me it has a one year 12,000 warr on work. am I right to say this should not happen this fast and I got shabby work done to leak so fast. -
Answer 1
That is a typical warranty on repairs at a dealership. The problem will need to be diagnosed and see why it is leaking, then you may have a case, but after 2 years/20,000 miles it may be very difficult to find any fault with their repairs. -
Answer 2
I just had the same thing happen and $651.00 dollars later it is fixed, but I was told by the mechanic that the 3400 model engine does that because the dex-cool eats the seal. Is that not a recall? -