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2002 Mercury Sable Question: Same car, the 2002 Mercury sable. It ended up being the starter like yall said.



gwoakley, Potwin, KS, November 21, 2013, 15:51

Now the car sometimes starts and then sometimes it doesn't.
If it doesn't start I gang the starter and it starts right up. Today it started early in day and around 4 this afternoon, it wouldn't start, so I banged on starter and it started but was more sluggish on starting, by making noise like it was just grinding slugisly till it finally started. Ive ordered started but is it gonna be harder each time to start till I get it replaced?? its just a struggling sound to turn over now, but it eventually starts.
Is it gonna cause anything else to happen till I get new starter and will it come a time that it won't start?
Thanks for your help last time!!
I need some more of ya'lls expert opinions again!!

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    G. T. Service Center (4142 Answers) , Stephenville, TX - (254) 638-3236
    ProfessorG November 21, 2013, 16:26

    If your banging on the starter, you realize the starter is bad. You can't depend it will keep starting. You're answering your own question by saying it gets harder and harder to start. You're lucky it is still working at all. Hope you carry food and warm clothing when you get stuck out in the cold. PARK THE CAR OR GET A STARTER FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE! Procrastination

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  • Answer #2

    pushrod November 21, 2013, 17:39

    That was over a week ago when i told you how to get it started. That was so you could take to a shop to get it FIXED, like i stated. That was not the soultion to the problem. Have the starter replaced before you have to get it towed! That will cost you even more than the starter and installation! Then you still have to replace the starter, or just catch a ride with somebody.

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