Saab Brakes on 2003 Saab 9-3

Hi - Is it necessary to replace the rotors on a 2003 9-3 Saab when they are worn and brake pads are needed or can they be resurfaced? I'm trying to get this done economically! Thanks much - Jeanne

by in Yountville, CA on September 02, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 02, 2010
You can NOT SAFELY resurface the rotors on a SAAB or any other European vehicle because of how they are constructed. Besides, new rotors are about the same price as a re-surface or they SHOULD be. The mark up on SAAB rotors is outrageous, because the whole sale price is $35-50 but the list price is around $240! wow what a mark up! I would talk to some shop owners and work out a deal where you pay 1.5 hours of labor for the removal and installation of the pads and rotors and you pay a 100 percent mark up on the the rotors should be about $80-90 each. A set of Pagid ( factory front pads ) goes for $115. A fair minded shop should go for this, sometimes Euro shops and dealers think that they can do outrageous markups on things just because it is a Benz, Volvo, SAAB etc, when we are still talking about metal parts that are for a car not the space shuttle.
COMMENT by on September 02, 2010
Thanks! This was great info. Rotors were already resurfaced once on an earlier brake job :( so good to know about the safety issue.
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