s60 often shuts down on turns on 2003 Volvo S60

I have been experiencing a problem with my S60. Sometimes when I am making a turn (usually to the right), the car suddely dies. All the lights on the dash turn on, and the steering wheel becomes really hard. If I put it on parking it starts normally. I have taken to the it dealership, but they are not helping. I have noticed ( by research on-line) that other s60's have the same problem. Any suggestions of the what the problem could be would be appreciated. Thank you

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This could be an issue with the fuel supply or an electrical issue. If there was an issue with the fuel pump and the pick-up tube in the tank, you could get a stalling problem when turning.
This vehicle has a network of computers and interference from any of them could cause the vehicle to stall, but when this happens, there is generally a fault code stored in one or more of the computers.
When you took this to the dealership, were they able to pull any fault codes from any of the computers?
Another thing to have checked is the software in the vehicle, I would consider having all of the software in the vehicle updated to the latest version, this can often resolve some of these types of problems.
Press the dealer to look into this further, have them check the Technical Service Bulletins from Volvo, check all the other technical info too (recalls, tech net notes etc.)
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ETM ..electronic throttle module. Should have a recall and be fixed free of charge by dealer. Just had close to same issue ,just different symptoms. Turned out it was not my problem but definitely should yours as those are the exact symptoms.