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1993 Acura Integra Question: s3 light blinks, car won't start

My transmission is automatic. When the s3 light blinks the car will not start. It usually starts after 20 minutes but it is getting longer. last time it took 2 days. -
Answer 1
When it wont start, does the engine crank over? Have you tried shifting the transmission into neutral and see what happens? -
Answer 2
have the same problem,it must be the relay (fuel,main)but be ready for add.problems,let me know how it goes.it is frustrating,i'm in the same boat.thus the $100 reward 4 answers. jgar34712 -
Comment 1
did you ever find the solution to the problem?? same shit here -
Answer 3
Answer 4
try removing the gas cap it happend to me and thats wat i did. and it worked wat it is ,is the fuel tank builds too much presure and cuts off the fuel. -
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sometimes when it's hot outside or the car has been on a few short trips it won't start and the s3 light blinks, i've been stranded for almost an hour messing with the shift release buttons and tur...