s- synbol on 2003 Jaguar X-Type

What is the S - symbol button by the shifter for.

by in Houston, TX on November 18, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 18, 2009
Probably "Sport" mode? I don't know Jags, so I'm guessing a bit here, but Sport mode is common in these nice cars--it changes the engine mapping to be more aggressive and performance-oriented. If you have the owner's manual, it should tell you.
ANSWER by on March 12, 2010
I think its for the all wheel drive if you have that, mine does, and though mine didn't come with a manual I'm pretty sure that's it.
ANSWER by on May 18, 2010
it's for sport mode. The transmission will shift a sooner and sportier with the s lite on. Your mileage will be a bit less, but the car is funner to drive in the sport mode. I leave mine in sport all the time.
ANSWER by on November 16, 2010
Sport Mode
ANSWER by on November 24, 2010
Its stands for "SPORT" it increases the throttle response and selects a slightly (and i mean slightly) more aggressive engine map.

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