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2003 Jaguar X-Type Question: s- synbol

What is the S - symbol button by the shifter for. -
Answer 1
Probably "Sport" mode? I don't know Jags, so I'm guessing a bit here, but Sport mode is common in these nice cars--it changes the engine mapping to be more aggressive and performance-oriented. If you have the owner's manual, it should tell you. -
Answer 2
I think its for the all wheel drive if you have that, mine does, and though mine didn't come with a manual I'm pretty sure that's it. -
Answer 3
it's for sport mode. The transmission will shift a sooner and sportier with the s lite on. Your mileage will be a bit less, but the car is funner to drive in the sport mode. I leave mine in sport all the time. -
Answer 4
Sport Mode -
Answer 5
Its stands for "SPORT" it increases the throttle response and selects a slightly (and i mean slightly) more aggressive engine map. -