Ford E-350 Problem Report

Ford E-350 Runs Rough, Lack of Power, No Start, Hard Start - Diesel

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Internal issues with the Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) can cause the engine to run rough, lack power, not start, or it may be hard to start. The FICM should be inspected for proper software revision and internal function. To repair, update the software, replace internal parts, and / or replace the entire FICM as needed.

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...r 10 min. Still generating only Codes 55 and 56 the last 4 weeks in KOEO mode since the engine will not start, much less Idle. Any 5.8L/351windsor gurus out there?
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My '91 ford E-350 Econoline Diesel 7.3 L is starting hard. When engine is cold (not- run-for-over-eight-hours) it starts up right away, BUT ONLY RUNS FOR 3 SECONDS AND STALLS. It can't be the glo...
When cranking the engine to start Im not getting anything from the coil to the distributor and...

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