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2002 Saturn Vue Question: Runs Hot

when temp gauge starts moving past half way mark... sometimes putting on heater makes it go down some... sometimes temp light comes on -
Answer 1
Check the most obvious first, ensure the cooling system has a sufficient amount of coolant in the radiator, top up as required. The thermostat being stuck of fan not operating correctly are also a possibility for the gauge approaching hot. I will send you an article of line that I wrote with pictures about the cooling system and potential problems. I will send it to your email address used to post to Repairpal.. -
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i am not the one that asked that question but i am having a similiar problem with a saturn...i have drained the car and replaced it with 50/50 coolant...i don't know much about cars, just hoping to find an answer without breaking my pockets... The car started out making a whistling noise when it was cold and then started doing it full time...then it started running hot and the radiator lite started coming on but no check engine light??? so i was wondering if i had to replace the radiator or could there be another problem??? Please help me... leave me a message on my cell if you can help me please... 415/571-7655 i would gratefully appreciate it... thankyou!!! -
Answer 2
how far past half way was it -
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