runs good then idles rough and won't take gas. No check engine codes.??????????? on 1997 Acura TL

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Im and experienced mechanic 20+ years but this car has me baffled. Will run great for 5 to 10 minutes then starts spittin and idling rough. then will not take gas and has no check engine codes. Any suggestions welcome.
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Snap on monitor doesnt read fuel trim. Any other suggestions? Fuel filter has been replaced.
With a manual vacuum gauge at manifold vacuum port , what are readings cold start /running good , then what does the needle do when it's acting up , especially when trying to give it some throttle? And just to be clear on your other response , you did try with a leaking exhaust (before the converter) to see if that made a difference?......Remember , we are not there in person so it's a little trickier , without some info. Just trying to help.
Also possibly check mass air flow meter for contamination , or any leaks in the air intake system (poss. cracks in hose) While watching fuel trim(#1) , watch MAF reading. ....Any sign of restricted exhaust? (vacuum gauge to test - or (less recommended) create exhaust leak before converter and test drive? Is the knibbler pin and muffler bearing OK?
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