Runs fine then all of a sudden barely runs on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

My car runs great then sometimes, after driving for a bit -- it starts hesitating, sputtering almost stalling. It feels like a fuel filter problem, but the powers that are working on it tell me that "of course they checked it"!! Anyway, now they've discovered that neither of the fans are turning. Would this contribute to the problem??

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if the fans you are referring to are the engine cooling fans, these two events may be related. if they don't work, your engine overheats and if your engine overheats,
it will not run correctly and eventually it will not run at all. if you have a check engine light, they need to start there.
Thanks so much for getting back to me!! Yep, that's the logic they're going with as well. As for the 2 fans, is one for the radiator and one for the A/C?
the parts catalog just says left or right with a/c. a lot of cars have two aux fans because the radiator and condenser are
more "horizontal" and one fan cannot cover all the surface that needs to be cooled. plus, the fans have to suck the air thru both the condenser then the radiator.