Running very rough on 2001 Volkswagen EuroVan

Hello all,

My 2001gls is idling poorly(if at all). The vehicle is under 60k miles and very clean , Had new plugs installed a month or so ago and it remedied the problem for a bit of time but not long.Wondering if it may bee a consistent sensor or electronic element failure or....? I can nbot drive it to a code reader presently . I apreciate all input .
Thank you ,
V. Wee

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There are several possible reasons why the engine in your Eurovan could have poor idle quality. The first step would be to retrieve trouble codes from the ECM and diagnose them further. Some things to quickly check if you do not have access to the trouble codes would be:
1. Make sure the rubber air intake boot between the throttle body and air flow sensor is properly attached and not cracked.
2. Visually inspect the engine vacuum lines. Listen for hissing sound indicating a possible vacuum leak.

Please feel free to contact me at the shop if you have any questions.

James Wallace