Running rough and stalling, will not stay running! Is this a Throttle body issue on 2005 Infiniti QX56

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a data showed the throttle body had issues. call a mechanic friend - he said to clean the mass air flow sensor first. which I did! it worked for about 5 minutes...still running rough and stalling. bought a new one and installed...whew problem fixed....for about 2 miles....back to the same problem. cleaned the throttle body-was not tat dirty really. started again and ran for 10 minutes still same issue. I cant figure out how to adjust throttle body sensor! I was told a new one cost $1200...WHAT? crazy! Can I get a used one at a junk yard? Can I just replace the sensor? Any suggestions would be great!!!
Looking for a fast reply if possible.

Thanks for the advance help!
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first, what was the code?? no, you cannot use a used one. no, you cannot justr replace the sensor.

i would look for simple things like a vacuum leak. it may be as simple as that.

start with the code