Running quite ruff. on 1999 Honda Odyssey

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Writing about our 1999 Honda Odyssey with about 165,000 miles on it.
Now running quite ruff. No codes showing up also lately and sporadically, while warmed up, it will just stop running – in traffic, waiting at a light, while turning, it will shut down just like some one turned it off and then will restart fine and run again.
Have installed all new plugs and ignition coils.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Jim Reid

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Write down your VIN# its on your registration, and is on the lower corner of your windscreen, call your Honda Dealer ask if the ignition switch was replaced on your car, there was a recall Honda had done for free.
The idle air control may be malfunctioning.
Rough running can be caused by excessive EGR flow due to carbon build up in the intake manifold allowing EGR flow only to one or two cylinders rather than being distributed evenly across all cylinders.
If the engine is running rough I would suspect some type of cylinder issue. Rough running engines are caused by an weak cylinder. Weak cylinders can be caused by a number of things (too rich, too lean, bad ignition coils/plugs, or low compression). Since the plugs and coils have been replaced then I would look into the fuel/compression areas. A compression test is simple and an easy place to start. Taking a good look at the plugs can tell you if the engine is running too rich or too lean. Last thing to check is the valve adjustment and cam timing. Make sure the valve timing is correct and if you haven't had a valve adjustment on the engine it is overdue at the mileage you are at. Always start with the simple things first then move to the more complex items. If the engine is mechanically sound then you can look into a possible fuel issue. The stalling engine could be a separate issue from the rough running so keep that in mind.