Running Problems on 1996 Subaru Impreza

While driving my car I feel little losses of energy sometimes, like a kick, then when I get close to idle it can get worse, sometimes it will choke on and off then die in idle. Then it won't start for about 2 minutes, when it starts the rpm is all over the place, I have to keep giving it gas to keep it running, then it will clear up and run fine for a while again. The mechanics cannot figure it out either, I am looking for more ideas to ask them, as I do not know anything about cars. They can't get it to do this at their shop so they haven't had any codes show up, the engine light does not turn on, they say the fuel lines are fine (all fuel related is fine), and they cleaned or replaced sensors, and checked wires. any ideas??

by in Great Falls, MT on September 25, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 25, 2009
Yes, it could be your Crank Shaft Sensor or your Mass Air Flow Sensor. You want to look at your Fuel Trim readings for the Mass Air Flow ( are they above 12% for the Long Term Fuel Trim ) and I would try tapping near the Crank Sensor and reading its out put on a Lab scope.
ANSWER by on May 20, 2010
'96 subaru impreza has spark but won't start. Checked spark plugs 2 where white. Replaced fuel pump (fall '09). Do you think it could be the injectors? Does not smell flooded, acts as if it is not getting fuel.
COMMENT by on July 26, 2010
White plugs can be due to coolant leaks. And the irregular idle could be a result of a bad crank sensor, as stated above, or maybe just a poor ground somewhere in the motor. I was having this issues with my jeep, a new ground cable from the batter to motor fixed things.
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