run history for car is very good.have trouble code p-1300.ignitor coil hot. on 1994 Lexus ES300

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engine shuts off after very short run time.will restart when it cools off.have code p-1300. been checking coil packs and wires, can only reach four of them.ignitor gets very hot in a short can i confirm that the ignitor is bad or not?
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Suspect crankshaft position sensor.
i checked the crankshaft sensor. the ohm check(cold)was within specs.looking through the hole the sensor mounts in, i checked the toothed wheel that mounts behind the timming belt gear. the teeth and onearea with no teeth looked in great shape!i changed the igniter, and one coil pack on #6 cylinder.i still get a bad engine miss. code 1300 (igniter). and a code for #6 cylinder misfire. where do i go from here?
Since you have already changed the IGNITION MODULE and the #6 coil and still have codes P1300 & P0306, it is most likely wiring or ECM problem!
Just to be sure, did you put the NEW coil on the front bank, rear cylinder?? Because that's # 6.
The igniter is integral of the coil, you replaced the ignition module.
i did replace the coil pack on #6 (from front of car, the far right cylinder)ialso replaced the ignitor( drivers side , next to air cleaner intake) i am not sure if we are talking about the same componet. checking the wireing is a good idea, but can be a challenge due to plastic wire ways around the engine.i guess my final question today is, how can i check the ECM? i want to find the real cause of these problems. my chilton repair manual is not that detailed in this type of troubleshooting. thanks so much for your input!