BMW M3 Problem Report

BMW M3 Rubbing Noise From Rear Differential When Turning

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During tight, slow speed turning, a rubbing noise can sometimes be heard from the rear of the car. This noise is likely coming from the clutches in the limited slip differential. If the noise persists, the differential fluid can be replaced with a special oil available from BMW. On higher mileage vehicles, this noise may never be eliminated unless the differential is replaced.

I hear the same rubbing noise when making tight uturns. -
Rubbing sound from the rear of the car when cold (just started), during tight cornering. Goes away once the car is warmed up. -
Rubbing sound in rear axle when first started making a slow tight turn -
Growling sound from rear when making U-turn or a hard left at slow speeds. Replaced rear differential fluid -
noise started at 10k, dealer changed fluid fixed for awile, noise came back. Changed to Redline -
Same rear end moan during slow tight turns. -
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