1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Q&A

1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Question: rubber transmission cooler lines repair

How do I repair The rubber transmission cooler lines that commonly leak fluid? One side is easy to remove. The other... not so much. On my way to pull-a-part this morning. Hit me on my email so I can get it on my cell? Thanks! nfb3rd@gmail.com -
Answer 1
I wouldn't use wrecking yard parts, if they commonly leak yuo will probably have a leak in a short time again. Edelman or Dorman I am sure make these hoses aftermarket. Have you looked at www.rockauto.com -
Answer 2
the lines that come out of the trans. to the radeater are no longer made. -
Comment 1
yes they are and this was from last february -
Comment 2
the original steel lines are very hard to find. I could not find any for my truck even from the dealer. -
Answer 3
go to autozone they carry the upper and lower cooler lines for the transmission i own a 95 buick lesabre had the same issue and i fixed the hoses no more leaking -