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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: RPMs running high; when I accelerate the RPMS don't go down...the remain steady

I just replaced both O2 sensors and my MAF sensor. The car is not running correctly. When I shift from 2nd to 3rd the RPMs remain at 3-4 and don't go down when shifting. It's like my engine reves up, but the car remains the same. No get up and go anymore -
Answer 1
Could be a couple different things; commonly the Idle Air Control Solenoids go out and can cause these symptoms. Or your throttle body could be sticking. -
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Is this going to be a costly repair? -
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Throttle body cleaning is not costly. And may be recommend in addition to other repairs if necessary. I'd recommend diagnostics so you don't waste time and money guessing on repairs. -