2003 Suzuki Aerio Q&A

2003 Suzuki Aerio Question: Rpm and fuel gauge dash lights are very dim.

The rpm and fuel gauge lights on the left side of the dash are very dim, All the other dash lights seem to work fine. The fuse is fine.Does anyone have any suggestions of how to solve this poblem Please? Thank You -
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Not sure if this is exactly your problem or not, but there is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) which pertains to your vehicle in regards to the instrument cluster illumination. Basically the TSB recommends removing and replacing the 4 illumination bulbs in the cluster itself. Replacing the bulbs would require removing the instrument cluster itself. Seems to be a pretty straightforward repair since the labor time says about an hour to perform the task. Hope this helps -
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Sounds good to me. Thank you very much! -