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1995 Mazda B4000 Question: Rplaceing brake pads and rotors fronts only. Wheel bearing service-not replace.



avanrti, Madison, WI, February 13, 2012, 16:31

While getting estimates for my mazda b-4000 4wd. I received estimates rangeing from a low of $361 to a high of $488. After asking some questions I found when they looked up the price at a Midas store the price thier computer quoted was $450. They were surprised at the cost as they felt that on average this sort of work should run around $325. The issue is wheel bearings needing to be repacked and I assume races and grease seals. The bottom line is, A)Why should this cost so much? I've repacked bearings for years and its a 20 min. job.B) Is there something trick about Mazda/Ford Bearings? Is it really required to make the truck operational?

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