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Route 23 Honda
August 16, 2008

If you want to get ripped off big time this is the place to go. My Honda Civic SI brakes were locking up. So I called Rt. 23 Honda and left a message. After not getting a returned call I called again and arranged to bring in the car. They estimated $291. A few days later they said they attempted the repair unsuccessfully and upped the price by more than 10 times to $4,100. They planned to replace the entire brake system. I thought that was absurd and got confirmation from multiple car buffs. So I asked the dealer to fax details of the quote. No fax came. I called again about the fax and the agent indicated there was a mistake in the quote and lowered the price to $3,600 and sent the fax. By now I had had enough. I called to say I would pickup the car and cancel the repair but the agent said the brakes are now fully locked up. According to this information the car was in worse shape after the repair than before! The agent confirmed that a tow truck would not be enough to extract the car from the dealer and that I would need a flatbed! So I arranged for a flatbed to be ready but figured I would see for myself first if the car was in the bad condition described. Not a big surprise, I went to the dealer and found the car could be driven and the brakes were no more locked up than before. Asking for possession of my car the dealer said I had to pay $413 which was $122 more than quoted due to extra work - and the repair was not even done! Fed up, I paid the $413 and drove the car home. At last I had my car back. I lost $413. I lost use of my car for a week. And I lost a lot of my time between traveling back and forth to the dealer, phone calls, research, etc. I brought the car to another shop and paid $322 - less than one tenth of even the reduced estimate of the dealer. All that was necessary was to replace the most logical component - the master brake cylinder. Lesson learned? Don't touch Route 23 Honda with a 23 foot pole.

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