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1995 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup Question: rough idling

My truck idles fine when sitting in Park. When I put it in Drive, it wants to stall out. I have replaced all of the "bells & whistles". Any other suggestions as to what I can try? Thanks! -
Answer 1
what bells and whistles?? Roy -
Comment 1
I have replaced the EGR ~ the IAC ~ TPS ~ MAP sensor ~ oxygen sensor ~ fuel injectors ~ basically all of the emission control system ~ I believe that's everything. Appreciate your help! -
Comment 2
did you have the fuel pressure checked> the low idle or stalling could be the result of a dirty throttle body. clean the plate of all the carbon debris with a rag with a cleaner. the base idle is adjustable as well. hated to see the money you spent for parts not needed. the injectors, was it a spider style or individuals? Roy -
Comment 3
No, I haven't had the fuel pressure checked. I will do that ~ thanks. I've cleaned the carb thoroughly when I replaced the fuel injectors. The injectors were individuals. By saying the "base idle", are you referring to the RPM's? Not sure what that term means. Craig -
Comment 4
when the throttle is closed, there is a screw on the linkage for the throttle body. it is used to set the slow idle or base idle. it is a process but unless you have the tools it would be tough to do. take it to a shop if you do not want to try it. it should not be much to do it. Roy -
Comment 5
I do have the torque screwdriver to change that, but don't know what the slow/base idle should be set at. Some say around 800 RPM's...? Craig -
Comment 6
little high. the iac will try to override it and go nuts. you are supposed to run the motor in all the way and set the idle to 550. then remove the tool to run it in. then remove the battery cable for 10 seconds to clear the memory for the computer and then let it run for a while to re learn how to idle. it has adaptive strategy to learn how to run right. Roy -
Comment 7
Thanks for all of your help. I will give this a try tomorrow. Again, appreciate it. Craig -
Answer 2
ck egr valve could have trash in it put on computer to tell -
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