2000 Chrysler Cirrus Q&A

2000 Chrysler Cirrus Question: rough idling

Recently changed plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Stills shakes a little when idling otherwise runs great. Someone said check EGR valve. Anything else?? Thanks -
Answer 1
Did the shaking exist before you replaced the ignition parts? Or after? If the valve is vacuum operated, try disconnecting the vac hose to the valve and see if that helps. -
Comment 1
Shaking occurred after tuning up the engine with all brand new parts. I'll check the vacuum. Thanks. -
Comment 2
If the shaking occurred after the replacement of the ignition parts, then you need to triple check the wires. They are possibly not installed correctly! That is exactly how it is acting too. Good Luck! -
Answer 2
It,s your exhuast system I had the same problem.Took a month and a thousand dollars to figure out.Change the convertor and muffler blow out the exhaust pipes. -
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