rough idle,stalls when in gear on 1994 Chevrolet Astro

replaced fuel pump,filter,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,throttle body,injectors,vacuum hoses,pvc,van still running rough,like the idle too low,sluggish,sounds like it's missing,it will idle but service engine soon lite comes on then it starts acting like it's missing.need help please!

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Also see if there is a heavey smell of gas, as there may be a leak in the send line to the fuel pressure regulator . This will cause the plenum floor to fill with gas and it will run rough and use tons of gas .This line is located " inside " the intake plenum .
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It is most likely the EGR valve. You can rempve it, and will most likely see chunks of carbon holding it open. Gently push them back, and then shake them out. It the piston in it is stuck in it will have to be replaced, if it springs back you should be good to go. Ge a new gasket for it, and if you can get one that has a screen.
have you checked the timing buddy?, does it run at around 160 or 219 degrees
Could be the ignition control module but better off having a tech check this rather than buying parts that are fine, But the ignition control module runs about $100