Honda Odyssey Problem Report

Honda Odyssey Rough Idle/Harsh Shifting Due to Broken Front Engine Mount

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A rough idle and harsh transmission shift can be caused by a broken front engine mount. Replacing the broken mount will address these issues.

It hasn't been fixed. Why did Honda not recall these vehicles?Apparently the repair is very expensive and Honda should be looking after it. The reason you buy a Honda is quality.The extra money you pay at purchase should cover such things as failed engine mounts,especially after only 120,000 miles.I do not race my Honda,I do not "peel"out from stop signs,so it must be a faulty part. Come on Honda,own up. -
Had to replace rear and side engine mounts -
Car idles and starts rough after front engine mount replaced. -
Known issue that Honda should have recalled. -
Front and rear motor mounts are cracked reported by Honda dealer after getting starter replaced. -
As described already by the masses. -
I had to have the transmission replaced at about 90,000 miles. Recently, the car would buck a lot when accelerating, as though it was having problems shifting gears. Turns out 3 of the 4 motor mounts were shot. We just got the timing belt replaced and the motor mounts fixed, and the car had to be towed today. The check engine light has been on for a long time, so it may be the catalytic converter. Will think twice about sinking another $1k into this car (sorry, son). -
Same complaint and had to have replaced. -
the van vibrates while i am driving it is even worse when i come to stop sign or red light, the van will vibrate and it almost feels like it is going to die -
Went to have van inspected, Honda shop failed inspection due to a broken rear motor mount, asking $900 to fix, going to get a second opinion. Have noticed no vibration as stated by other owners. -
Needed all mounts replaced. -
my front motor mount is stretched lot of movement i thought noise was coming from wheels goint to have replaced -
mildly rough idle. routine check during an oil change at the dealers, brought the broken engine mounts to our attention. -
Replace the right motor mount and that fix the problem. -
Car kept clunking it got worse so I took it to the dealer and they said it was a broken engine mount. Got it fixed and now it is just fine. -
had to have my front motor mount replaced. shifts much better, but now it idles rough. can never win! -
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