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2001 Ford Focus Question: Rough Idle from a cold start

For a couple of months now my 01 Ford Focus has had a very rough idle coming from a cold start, sometimes it has a hard time turning over to turn the car on. After about 10 to 20 minutes of driving in the city or on the freeway the sound seems to get better at idle. Also the engine sounds a little rough coming from a stop and accelerating but seems to dissipate when driving at a constant speed. -
Answer 1
i would get the injectors cleaned. they may be your issue. if it was plugs, it would do it all the time. Roy -
Answer 2
You didn't mention the mileage. You might just need a tune up. Dublin Auto's right in your backyard. Call Jon at (925)828-0243 -
Answer 3
What you are describing sounds like a classic vacuum leak problem. Check the back-side (firewall side) of the engine for a bad hose or a hose that may have been inadvertently left of during maintenance check. We find this to be common on the compact Fords. If you have any problems, we are a dignostic shop. Andre / Bart 925-947-2555 -
Answer 4
Check your PCV valve and the hose attached to it. Common issue on the Focus. Cleaning the mass air flow sensor , air filter replacement , plugs ,wires and coils are the other likely gremlins. -
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