Rough idle clanking noise and cant jump on 1994 Toyota Corolla

So my car has been non-op for about a year and since then ive been throwing money at it to fix it but to no avail, pretty much the problem started when it was idling low and not shifting when I attempted to fix it the battery wont hold enough of a charge to even roll up the windowsi recently switched out the battery and drove it for a good 25 minutes still having trouble with the idle and when I got home the new battery was completely blown please if you guys could give me some advice as to the problem I would be greatly appreciative

Did you install the new battery correctly?? Hook it up backwards???
No it was all installed correctly I always double check my work
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Check the charging system, possible over charging alternator, ie (battery blown). Check for vacuum leaks.
Ok will do thanks for the quick response but would either of those cause my check engine light to turn on because its not on mine
Not normally on an OBD1, maybe a '96 or newer it would, not much information given on '94.
Ok then I'll check it out thank you for your help :)
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