Ford Expedition Problem Report

Ford Expedition Rough Idle Caused By EGR Sensor Sticking

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Intermittent rough idle may be caused by the EGR sensor sticking, causing the EGR valve to stay slightly open. Our technicians tell us the valve and sensor must be replaced together to correct this concern.

rough idling for some time. drops when stopped. has recently started dying. -
we have ford expidition 10 to 15 menutes running the engine will stop ,and start again run and thin stop very difffecult to me , and the instrument panel ,no miles edge found only doted green light only. and turning the key to off and on will come back -
Rough idle, wants to die out, especially when I turn the wheel all the right. Giving two codes po156 and po156 I think one is for mas air flow and the others is o2 sensor after cat. Exhaust pipe leaking right before muffler and sound like something is rattling I side it -
I changed the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE THE SAME PROBLEM EXSISTS idle only with pressure on the gas dies out when foot is off the gas.sounds accure when engine is off crackling noise and strange oder. -
while in idol, it starts sputtering like it wants to turn off, -
rough idle when stopped, always goes but RPM's sometimes jump too. -
Engine oscillates between 500 and 1200 at idle. When decelerating the rpm will hand at between 1400 and 2000 then bleeds off to norm after a short period. When I put it in gear RPM builds to about 2000. Weird. -
random rough idle not related to any one cylinderor firing order. seem to run fine on acceleration but has some hesitation at shifting rpms. will check out egr and sensor vacuum hoses fist then to replacment parts as needed. thank you all for ypur imput. -
A heck of a lot cheaper on Ebay. $26 vs. $76. -
very little rough idle at a stop. -
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